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Oct 23, 2011 5:00am PDT
for being with us. >> thank you. happy to be here. >>> you are quite the guy, and i don't want to say you're wearing your heart on your sleeve, but you do have a mission shirt on! >> we have these shirts on sale at our mission store, and all the other california mission shirts. >>> are they wash and wear? they dry nicely? >> yes. >>> andy, if there's one show i would want to have more time for, it's this one. you have so much to tell us. the california missions, you do pilgrimages to the mission. as present, the missions in california -- i'm from philadelphia -- kind of like independence mall in philadelphia. they are there and they are terrific and they are huge, but they get overlooked. >> right. >>> tell us about it. how many are there? >> well, the california missions, main thing to remember-- >> you're the curator. >> san francisco, been there since 2004. my claim to fame, the reason i would say bill justice hired me, not because i was qualified and knew something about california missions, but in the year 1794, my great, great great grandfather was baptized in the old church when i
Oct 9, 2011 5:00am PDT
't written your books. you've written over 30. tell us some of your stories and background stories. >> i was a dominican in the roman catholic church. i worked there for many years. -- for 34 years. the present pope came after me and fired me and got me exspelled from the order after 34 years. i kept teaching. i want went from holy name's college in oakland where i was. >> why? >> well, they had a list of things, calling god mother. the bible does it, but not often enough. and i support women's ordination. i don't condemn gay people and i prefer original blessing. that's the title of one of my books. it was a list like that. not impressive, actually. >> original blessing was the first book i read of yours. why was that such an upsetting thing for the church and for others? >> it starts things over, frankly. since the 4th century, the church built a lot of edifice on sin. it's not good theology, frankly, it's good empire building. if you want an empire, teach original sin. original blessing empowers people. so i think it was a basic threat to the institution as it is. yet, i think that's
Oct 16, 2011 5:00am PDT
in the stomach. and they tell us how the grief is affecting them. when we talk to grieving individuals, we need to listen to their languaging. >> in your vast experience in the field, over 60 years together, i'm sure you've seen a lot of different changes in which people understand grief, talk about grief, willing to share their grief and all the different ways in which the mow call itties of supporting -- models of supporting somebody. what are some of the changes that you've seen in which our culture faces grief and supports grief? >> one of the things that my career has expand is the beginning of grief as a field of research. it started with elizabeth cooper ross. she was a doctor and worked with the dying and she began to bring grief work into a professional realm. in the beginning, grief was thought to be a very individual experience, so people worked with those that worked with it with work with individual therapists. and then it's more of a peer peer group counseling. and then led to professionally led groups. and we have done this, within a community of strangers, a grief camp weekend e
Oct 30, 2011 5:00am PDT
>>> welcome to mosaic on this summer morning. we're glad you're joining us. we'll do a profile of a religious bay lead ere. -- leader. we're excited to introduce james emmerson. he's the president of the calvary presbyterian church here. he's just turned 85 years old and we're delighted to celebrate his birthday and bring him to you. towards the end, we wanted to get about your book, it's, forgiveness the key to a creative life. you were talking about forgiveness a long, long time ago. you're a pips will boy? -- peninsula boy? >> yes, my dad taught at stanford. i grew up there. my dad was sick most of my growing days. he had tuberculosis from world war i. i also got it from him. i really start out as being a consequence of the trenches of world war i. that's where he got the tuberculosis and ultimately, i got it from him. i didn't start school until the 3rd grade. i was home schooled and then, into the catholic school and all of that and then stanford and then went to princeton for seminary. >> let me go back, being with tuberculosis, that was very, very serious. it was a full
Oct 2, 2011 5:00am PDT
to the archbishop and he gave us permission and we thought we wanted to polo ground again but the blessed mother wanted us in the middle of city hall. >> we are happy about this, the archbishop would be there if he could be but he cannot be. but bishop justice will be there. that will be nice. >> you have leadership. >> right and even is riding this tail of happiness and having a good time. people from santa rosa, oakland, stockton. san jose. should be attending, like i said, they would be attending. >>> and we will be back on mosaic. ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back, i'm here with dave martin and we are talking about a rosary rally. family rosary rally october 15th at civic center plaza, you said dave that father goody was at the rally. you were talking he and and other people are going and talking to groups. when you talk to the groups it never fails someone has been there. >> it's interesting, age has something to do with it but most of the team that say they are there are clergy today. so there's a special thing that happens. it will happen in 1961 hopefully. there nothing is expected of people th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5